Chapter 4 Over Hill And Under Hill
Wednesday November 07th 2012, 1:31 am
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Chapter 4 Over Hill And Under Hill

Writing Topic: The goblins attack! Describe your thoughts and feelings about the attack. What happens to you? Be creative and think of escape options.

                      When the nasty goblins attacked I was scared out of my wits for what would happen to the group and I. The goblins took everybody but Gandalf  (he poofed to nowhere) in a cavern with the Great Goblin inside. The Goblins chained the group and I together with our hands behind our backs and linked us all together in a line. Pretty soon before I knew it, Gandalf killed the Great Goblin and unlocked the chains. Everyone followed Gandalf through the tunnels when suddenly a Goblin grabbed Dori’s leg (I was carried by Dori) and left him tripping which left me falling into the darkness where nobody found me.



Escape Options:

1. Try to hear voices ( of anybody) and follow them

2. Look for light ( if possible) and walk towards it until you know what it is

3. Use any lighted items you have and see if there is a trail of dwarf like or wizard like footprints. If you don’t have a lighted item feel the ground for debits or leverage in the dirt.

4. Find directions on the walls, if the goblins added on to the paths, there should be some description of how to get to places.

5. Use any code name that the group told you to say if you were ever in trouble, if they remember what it means maybe they will come and help you find an escape route.

6. If you happened to hear a goblin laughter move towards it to see if they’re in a lighted area, if so peek in very conspicuously and try to find green, if you happen to see that you’ve found an escape route.


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